Saturday, July 12, 2008

Glenwood Farm

2 Weeks ago James took the girls up to a farm in Richmond where they've been doing some landscaping. The day before they arrived, one of the sheep had twins, and rejected one of the lambs. My family would hear nothing of the lamb being left unattended, and food for the jackals, so they came back home with "Mary" the little lamb (named by Samantha). She is just too cute, but incredible demanding on her would be mother (James) and follows him around wherever he goes. As soon as he's out of her sight, she bleets, and oh boy does she bleet loudly!! They are now in the process of finding her a suitable home where she won't land up as lamb chops!
Beryldene babysat twice during the holidays, kids & lamb, but as you can see mommy midlands was only too keen for the task!
Last weekend I went up overnight with them and it was lovely, just to chill with fires going, and absolute quiet - no phones, no tech, just back to basics and the kids just love it there. We went out at 5am (yes) to feed pigs, sheep, cows. It was freezing, but luckily due to my mommy status, I sat in the landrover with the heater on, but James and the girls sat on hay bales on the back. Clothing layered thick, you know the kind of cold that gets into your bones, and your nose just runs! But it was a blast never-the-less. We spent the Sunday down at one of the dams as you can see in the pic, Sam going on one of the boats with Shane and Charmaine (who we stayed with).
This weekend we 've just chilled at home. It was very cold yesterday and i took the girls to see Kung Fu Panda at Waterfall Cinemas. Then came home and vegged on the couch, it was nice to just mooch for a bit. Gotto do some work today though, and housework aswell, as I've had no Lucy for a week :(
Well I promise to try and post often, i suppose its just a case of getting used to how to navigate this blog. xoxo

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