Monday, July 28, 2008

Move Update

Well as any good MacUser would know, your Mac is the very last thing to get unplugged, and the priority on the reconnection side, (apart from the kettle of course!) Tommorrow is my final day for packing, and the move is on Wednesday. Beryl is overseeing the packing up and moving of the office, (I really don't know what I would do without her) and the office is going to move first, to allow Lucy and I to take down curtains and do the last bits and pieces around the house. We'll be spending our first night at Clifton Reynes on Wednesday. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and I'm hoping to take the girls to Spur for Paige's dinner on Wednesday night as cooking is not going to be an option. The fridge and pantry cupboards are basically bare, so there shall be no more cooking at Plantations. I've bought the girls breakfast bars to eat in the morning, and they can have tuck for 2 days. We're having pizza tonight, and going to the restaurant at Plantations for dinner tomoro night, so all-in-all the kitchen can be finished (except for the kettle and coffee!) The boxes are now piling up nicely, albeit that we don't have too much space to move around the place.


sam ellis said...

tracey I widh you ALL the best for the move. You look so organised and you know what meals you are going to eatc and EVERYTHING !!!!!

I am si sure all will be great !

sam ellis said...

Oh it would be so nice if I read this comment BEFORE I posted it, but I didn't, so apologies for te typos. :)