Saturday, July 19, 2008

Scrapping Saturday

OMG, my back is killing me. At about 3pm I moved from scrapping at my desk, to leaning over my coffee table watching movie re-runs to keep me company as James has the got the girls for the day to give me a chance to catch up with my scrapping. I've completed 2 single page LO's this afternoon, (and they're not for Scrapkits :) There is still 1 other, but only 1/2 done at this point. It amazes me how different my scrapbooking is when its not for the kits, its rather liberating being able to paint, doodle, and add to the page as I feel it needs it! This little princess LO caught my eye, but (unfortunately I can't remember who the artist was to credit her). Isn't she cute, love the ruffle idea, definately something i'm going to try, i've noticed quite a few people using it, so maybe its a new trend to watch out for. I've been keeping an eye on the CHA sneek peaks, oh how i'd love to be there to see everything in the flesh


Andrea said...

lovely layout Trace, don't recognise the little girl though?

Lynette said...

The layout is by Vicki Boutin of Scenic Route....I also love it.