Saturday, August 16, 2008


OK, so i've been considering getting a puppy for our new house, but was also a bit apprehensive.
Although we live in a "secure" estate, the theft of my car and everything else, has left me feeling a bit vulnerable. So I said to the girls, what puppy would they like? We also decided we wanted to get another border collie, as Sheppie Girl is 14 this year. I phoned the Border Collie Rescue Society to see if they perhaps had any puppys, only to be told that they had only ever had 1 before, and their youngest to adopt was a 4 year old male. Kay asked me for my tel no. so that if anything changed, she could get hold of me. She did inform me though that one of the breeders was due to have a litter available in October, at a cost of R3500 - R5000 per puppy. I then informed the girls, that at that price, we would have to settle with a SPCA pavement special which we could adopt for R400. All this happened on Wednesday morning, and Wednesday evening i get a call from Kay, to say..... "Your family are obviously meant to have this little boy". They had just rescued a 10week old little male & did I want him. Well the answer was obvious, YES! I asked Paige and Sam if they wanted to go up to her kennels, to look at the older dogs their, to see if they wanted to get one, and kept the puppy a secret. When we got their, we were met by Lydia (Andrea you might remember her, an Afrikaans mom from Rem Unit, has a little boy in Gr4) She proceeded to show us around, and when they saw the puppy, Sam was like, "I want that one!" Lydia said to her "He's already got a home, but you can go in and play with him"

Well I took one look at him, and the tears started streaming... If my bloody camera hadn't been stolen, I would have taken pictures! He is just adorable, and has almost perfect BC markings. Lydia looked at me, and although we'd only just met, she started crying too. I then told the girls that he had a home already and it was ours. They just looked at me in disbelief, they couldn't believe it. Well Cody is just the cutest little boy, and has been so good. We've had a couple of accidents, but can't complain on the whole. My aim is for him to grow up being a very social little boy, that can come with us to farmers' market and the beach. I picked up my replacement camera yesterday and by the time i'd charged the battery, it was already getting dark, but you can at least see him for now, and i'm sure there will be lots more pics in the future.


Andrea said...

He is absolutely gorgeous, I love him!!! Hope he will bring you lots and lots of joy.

Joanne said...

Hi Tracey, he is just the cutest! I am a big bc fan, have a 9 year old one at the moment and my other died 18 months ago at the age of 15 - good innings. I dont think I could ever live without one. Hope he brings you and yours much happiness.