Friday, August 01, 2008

The morning of our move started really early, with Paige's 10th birthday and opening all her pressies before school. A couple of hitches in the new house caused us to start moving much later in the morning than we'd hoped, and our last truck load arrived at 6:30pm. But at last, the wait is finally over and now most of the boxes are unpacked and everythings in its place (well sort of)! By the end of the weekend, it will look like we've been here forever. A friend of Paige's from Pre-school also lives here, and they've already re-kindled their friendship. Also we've only been in 2days, and there's already been 2 complaints to the home owners association. Firstly they thought we'd moved in with a sheep (LOL) Mary was of course here during the move-in process, and secondly for telling us not to speed on the roads as the speed limit is 25kph. So duely noted and we'll try not to p*ss to many people off! (Andrea tell your dad it was the same dude who he wanted to smack at legends for being so obnoxious), so i decided to just be sugary sweet, people who walk around with boxing gloves on don't know how to deal with that. Beryldene arrived last night with a lasagne, salad, and choc for us for dinner, aswell as my fresh farm produce basket, flowers and a new cuisine sign for my kitchen... was this girlfriend just not made for the Midlands.
I'll take some photos of the house a little later and maybe even post them this evening.
Also got a photo of Nicholas on my cell from Andrea, but can't find my flippin bluetooth adapter to be able to post it for others to see. He's off antibiotics, and they're hoping to be home by tuesday next week which is good news.
(PS: Also forgot to mention, computers were connected before any kitchen boxes were unpacked, my mom just doesn't get my priorities, hey mom!) LOL

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Sophia said...

Glad to see you settling in nicely...