Monday, August 04, 2008

New House photos

Ok, so its not perfect, but here are some photos for you to see the progress. The long photo gives you kinda the idea of our downstairs area, (wish i had a fish-eye lens) I now need to decide where to put up pictures, and I need to start looking for pieces of furniture for the girls rooms. I'm going to get Paige a bigger desk so her computer can fit on and give her enough space to do her homework, and then Sam will get her little desk. Also want to start scouting around the 2nd hand shops to see what i can find in the way of like a dresser type of thing for Paiges room that can hold her little treasures and serve as a bookcase and a nice desk. Her room is so nice and fresh (I'm very impressed with her choice of bedding etc that she chose for her b/day) so whatever I find will be treated to a fresh coat of white paint! (If anybody sees anything that might suit in the Durban area, please let me know) I'm so excited at the space in my bedroom, considering for the last 16 months, you could only just walk around my bed in the bedroom I was in so that the girls could share the master bedroom. I feel like a kid and just want to do twirls in all the space i know have, and as for the cupboards, there are 2 walls of B-I-C. Just to die for - although some are doubling up as linen/scrapbook storage at this point. A lot of stuff has just been dumped in cupboards so that i could ditch the cardboard boxes (can't be doing those in our lovely new house) so i will need to slowly sort out whats going to live where!


Michelle Ramsay said...

Your new house looks lovely and will look even mor homely once you have all pictures and other bits up.

Vanessa Cadman said...

Tracy - I am so sorry to hear about the sudden loss of your Dad, and all this on top of moving house which is hectically stressful. You and your family are in my prayers. Vanessa Cadman

Tracy said...

Hi Tracy

So very sorry to hear about the loss of your dad - you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Your home is looking lovely - hang in there - it takes time but everything FINALLY finds a place to stay for good.

Give me a shout if you need anything.

Tracy (Gardiner)

Sophia said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this trying time.

Thinking of you...