Thursday, September 18, 2008

1st day in Shanghai

Oh my goodness, today Michelle introduced us to the fabric market and the fake markets. We spent the ENTIRE day shopping, I'm not entirely sure how we're going to get everything back to SA, but we're sure to make a plan. We are living on the laany side of the river, and the poverty is very evident when you cross over. We baarter (?sp) for everything, and haggling is the name of the game which just adds to your shopping experience. Before you know it, you've knocked of 100's of RMB off the original price. I've ordered myself a leather jacket, and 2 skirts. You go into the market, and there are literally 100's of little stall holders each with their own designs and fabrics. You choose what style you want, they measure you up, you choose your fabric, and 3 days later, you go and pick up your clothes.
I've hooked up to wireless, (not entirely sure who's!) and am living on skype, its the easiest way to stay in touch with home. Today Michelle's driver organised me a chinese sim card, and got it going on my phone for me, (can you imagine listening to the voice prompts in Chinese, i wouldn't have know what the hell to do :)
We're about to leave and go to the pearl market, where mom is going to be shopping. I need to find an ATM, cause my money, well she's all gone..... I will try and post some pictures when we get back.


Andrea said...

giddy aunt gf, sounds like you are having a ball....can't wait to see pics.

Beryldene said...

Gf can you believe you are in China! I mean REALLY! I'm glad you're having should go away more often...I get to see and speak to you far more that way! giggle!...My D & G...she's BEAUUUUTIFUL!!!!!!...SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!


linda andrew said...

oh wow - sounds like you having a a shag-high of a time my china - glad you wing-ing the shopping and dont waste on the wong stuff.look after yourslef - lots of love, linda

Lynette said...

So glad to see you are back to blogging...enjoy China and the shopping:)

Sophia said...

Sure looks like you are having fun, fun, fun, show pics soon!

Michelle Ramsay said...

Sounds like lots of fun - keep the pictures flowing!