Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bicycle Ride

Ok, so when Michelle and her family arrived back, they had a couple of hours before leaving to catch a different plane and Michelle says "come i'm going to take you on a bike ride" Now you gotto understand, you take your life in your hands when you cross over a busy intersection, and at like 5:30pm. Anyhoo off we went and only across 1 intersection and down a funny little lane which takes you off to a little village of sorts. We didn't go into the village, but we stopped for me to get a couple of pics. The top one is of Matthew and I. There is a dude in the river, eeuw, all i can say about that. The people that live along the river, eat from it, and the 2 guys in the pic below have got their home-made bamboo contraption which is for catching terrapins - fresh for dinner! Someones houseboat, and Michelle.


linda andrew said...

what devine pics - thanks so much for those my friend. i looked at them all and absorbed every detail.

missing you lots and lots and lots

Beryldene said...

Gf - so glad you are enjoying this trip. Your pics are awesome, and loving your updates! My toes curl at some of them and have made me appreciate my toilet so so much!!

Lots of pink fluffy hugs