Monday, December 22, 2008

Anothere beautiful day in Africa!

Well it appears that for now, the rain has gone and the beautiful hot summer days we've longed for are BACK!!! Yay
As I'm typing this, the sun is setting and the sky is painting a picture of orange, pink and blue, you see this and know without a doubt that God is good!
Well my Christmas shopping is finished, and all the pressies are wrapped and labelled. They are now in Christmas bags under our tree instead of being strewn under our tree, as we're going to spend Christmas Eve at my moms house so that the whole family is together for Christmas morning.


Andrea said...

I LOVE your tree Trace, I am sure that you enjoyed decorating it again as I know it was too big for your home at Plantations. Think Christmas Eve at your moms is a lovely idea and it will make it so much more special for her on this a very difficult christmas for you all.

Miss you madly and thinking of all the bratz constantly.


Beryldene said...

gf...i LOVE your tree!!!....well glad like us, you are spending Christmas eve sleeping over at your Moms, as we are at Nick's sister...both having lost a family member this year, I guess both our families are needing as much time together as possible....

PS: Thanks for an awesome day could have gone on for usual...a good few laughs...feeling "wired" after spending the afternoon with my girlfriends...LOLOLOL!!!!!

Michelle Ramsay said...

Lovely tree and great that all your Christmasy things have been done.

Have a good Christmas and enjoy the family time together.