Monday, December 29, 2008

What a stunning day!

Yesterday we decided at lunch time to head up to Tala Game Reserve. What a stunning afternoon, considering its only 30 mins from home, I can't believe its taken us so long to visit again. I think the only thing we didn't see was giraffe, other than that, were thoroughly spoilt. All the animals had babies, and the girls just loved seeing them all. We arrived at about 1pm, and left at about 5pm, headed home, and did a huge leg of pork on the Weber. It was a lovely evening and although we only ate close to 8pm, we stayed outside for ages ending off a lovely day with coffee and port - Life is good...


sam ellis said...

Wow ! 2 posts in 1 day ! Incredible ! New year and it's resolutions is only in a couple of days too.

Nice to see posts Tracy.



Andrea said...

hiya, sounds like a lovely day....I miss the sound of the bush and the lovely outside counting the days until it is our turn to have lovely long warm evenings....-4 degrees here tonight so definitely not eating outside lol.


Michelle Ramsay said...

Stunning pictures. I always enjoy watching the wild animals and if they have babies - even better.

I agree, yesterday was a beautiful day as one can have in Africa!