Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Feeling like I need to be learning

Ok so I don't know if you guys ever feel like this, but Ive been feeling like I'm not using my brain enough. So I've enrolled myself in a course to learn new software to re-design my websites. Seeing as I've been feeling a bit "dof" of late, and my daughter has had her IQ tested, I decided to see if there was a free online IQ test and there are a couple and I did one, also was a bit surprised with the results. Give it a go for some fun...

Quick IQ Test - Quick IQ Test


Helen Tilbury said... had me on the internet for hours doing every test imagineable after the IQ - such fun!

Simply-Mel said...

Shite, you are a genius. We are not worthy....LOL

Tracy Schimper said...

listen my husband says he got 196, so i thinks hes the genius!! LOL