Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More birdie news!

Well this is our 3rd evening of fostering these 2 little birdies. At 5am the parents start tweeting outside my bedroom window, we take the birds outside, the parents feed them all day, and then the children give them flying lessons in the afternoon before bringing them in when it gets dark. Today we realised that their are more babies in the nest, as we could hear them chirping very loudy!

I think that these 2 must have fallen out of the nest, as they really weren't ready to fly. The pic below shows one of them in flight after Paige throwing it into the air, only problem is what goes up, must come down - at least they're getting the hang of flapping their wings. Even the parents have become tamer, I think they've realised we're just helping, as they fly down really close to us now to feed them, whereas in the beginning, they kept their distance.


Michelle Ramsay said...

Oh, that is just too special.

Cathy said...

well done on being foster parents... this is such a fun learning experience for your kids.

linda andrew said...

what an adventure !!!! such a learning curve for your children and the neighboures by the look of things. well done for caring !!! BARNEY would be so proud - ha ha hee hee

Andrea said...

Another great experience for the girls Trace....am sure the parents of all those other children are also loving the fact that their kids are getting to experience such an awesome part of nature (without the responsibility lol)

Venessa said...

oh these are adorable Trace, love all the photos and the ones before... feel a little tweety paper coming along in the near future then :)