Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hillcrest Primary Official Hall Opening

Friday morning was the official opening of Hillcrest Primary School's new multipurpose hall. 5 Years in the making there was much excitement at school. Pupils & teachers past and present, parents and the governing bodies were all there along with His Worship the Mayor to join in the celebration. Its amazing that pupils who are now in matric, were the original fundraisers for this hall, and they were there to join in. There were pupils represented from grade 0 through to grade 12, and one from each grade lined up on the steps, to have something to say about the hall and the work that went into it.
In the centre of this photo is a snapshot I took of the steps (top right) that lead into the music block. There are learners handprints all along each row of steps, and I thought that was a really lovely thought, it was a touching morning, and brought a tear to my eye. Sally Chapman (Principal) made the grade 11 pupils promise that in 50 years they would go back to the school and remove the time capsule that they buried in the hall to read everything they'd written in it! How devine is that, knowing that then, it would be their grandchildren enjoying the school!


linda andrew said...

wow - i am so sad we missed that ! such a lovely school and i know the girls wrote things for that time capsule before they left so so cool. loved the hand prints idea - lovely touch

Cathy said...

Wow the handprint idea is so cool... our school still needs to build a hall... so maybe one day we can do something like this too.

Michelle Ramsay said...

Fantastic. Love the time capsule idea. My children did one at their school - Benjamin Pine. Can't remember when they are supposed to go back and open it. The hand idea is brilliant.

Beryldene said...

What a day...i actually felt HONOURED to have been there for the opening - i feel so proud of our school, which i love love love, along with the family that belongs to it!

Andrea said...

Amazing to actually see it finished....quite nostalgic actually.