Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tonights Visitor!!

My girls and I had just sat down to dinner and were watching something on snakes on National Geographic when I asked Paige to change channels because snakes give me the grills. Just then my border collie started barking frantically at the entrance door to our garage. I still laughed thinking it was another big frog and nearly keeled over when was faced with this Night Adder. 80cm longer than it should have been, {when you consider my theory has always been the only good snake is a dead snake.}
I was on the phone to my ex-hubby in a flash to come and rescue us, and so he did although by the time he arrived, the snake had dissappeared. We found it in a corner behind 4 folded tressill tables. It put up one heck of a fight, hissing, spitting, and trying to bite through the welding gloves James had on. At one point I actually thought one of the fangs had penetrated the glove, but he was ok. He removed it, and was going to release it in the gorge, but has decided to take it to creatures and critters in the morning.

I sure hope there's no mate around somewhere!!


Beryldene said...

trace!!!...when you showed me this morning how big it was I still never expected it to look THIS intimidating!!!!!!!!...eek

GF got home after our little "room reveal makeover" of Judesters, SHATTERED...I shudder to think how you and Vee must feel:-/

linda andrew said...

my skin was crawling and my toes were curling reading your BLOG entry - sssssssssssssnakes alive my friend i cant handle these slithering slimy noo noo's - really praying there isnt a mate anywhere to be found - well doen to your dog and very well done for responding.

linda andrew said...

Honey the only good snake is SHOES AND BAG GF!!! Rather chop it up into bite sizes and use the skin for a patchwork!!!

Andrea said...

Eish gf, makes me sooooooooooooooo glad I now live somewhere where the most dangerous thing you will encounter is an enraged squirrel lol

Michelle Ramsay said...

O h m y w o r d!!!!! I am petrified of snakes and amd checking the floor as I type - yukkkk