Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bunny Sachet How To

Surfing the web for Easter ideas, I came across this website that I've never seen before {} and a really easy looking bunny sachet pattern.
The tutorial looks comprehensive and I've printed out the pattern, and got some yummy fabrics together and am going to give it a bash. I think they're going to look really sweet, let me know what you think of this link, and maybe you'll get one from me :)


Colour Giggles said...

oooh, that link has just made my day (and must be careful not get get sucked into the site for hours!)Love the bunny sachets, they're tooo cute!

Michelle Ramsay said...

Absolutely love those bunnies. I will have to try and make them myself. Happy bunny making and I look forward to seeing your finished results.