Monday, July 14, 2008


What a day!! The first day back at school after the holidays and we were nearly late. I left my work for Scrapkits at home, and then what I needed to bring home I left at the Scrapkits office. I was served my divorce papers at work, and when we got home, Samantha's hamster had killed Paige's hamster Speedy and chewed off part of his face when Paige found him!! :(
Needless to say, I just cried with her - Hasn't gone down in history as one of my better days, but here's looking at tomorrow :)


beryldene said...

sniff...just thought I'd convey my sympathies at the passing of speedy...didn't get to chat to you again after our 1 minute conversation, but thought of you. Coffee sometimes this week?...
sigh....and the lavender and the swirlies are just

Andrea said...

sorry bout your day gf, with you in spirit if not in flesh....hang in there!