Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Well as of 30th of July this will be our new home. I'm not looking forward to the move, but am DEFINATELY looking forward to my girls both having their own bedrooms. We are moving on Paige's 10th birthday and although I was originally worried about it, she is just so stoked that she doesn't have to share a room with her little sister anymore, this is the best birthday pressie I can give her. We've already been shopping and she's chosen a very grown-up duvet cover (in white with olive green applique flowers)and matching voile curtains with accessories, so we'll do up her room as a priority on the day! I've only been into the house once, and am now racking my brains to remember where everything was. The other exciting news, is for those of you who remember Sheppie our border collie (who is now 13yrs) is that Shep will be moving into our new home with us after boarding at my mom and dads since Feb '07, so I'm feeling like our lives are starting to take shape again after being in limbo for nearly a year and a half. :)


jonsey said...

House looks stunning Tracy. the girls (all of them!) sure will have a ball on the 30th. Keep posting....lovely to read.

Andrea said...

love the house Trac, can't wait to see pics of the inside