Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 5 in Shanghai

Well today was the first day of the fair we came to visit, and we did it all. I've set up a couple of appointments for later in the week which is cool. Paul, Michelle and the children leave for South Africa tomorrow, and we'll be staying on at their house for an extra day without them, and will then move from Pudong, over to Puxi where our hotel is. We caught a taxi back to the house after the show and OMG the driving in this place could turn me grey!!! Rules are, there are no rules, first one with their nose in wins..... My mother is very stressed about the fact that everyone rides around at night on the scooters and bicycles with no lights on, and its surprising there aren't more accidents. My mom has entertained us with a couple of Dorris moments. Dorris moment no. 1: We were in the bathroom and my mom is all soaped & shampooed up and the next minute - there's no water, she's standing there, eyes closed saying "what am i supposed to do now" and i'm like "i don't know" Well things operate a little differently around here, and the taps are levers, all that had happened was she had bumped the lever closed, and shoops, no water!!
Dorris moment No. 2: When walking in Shanghai, you are forever being hounded by watch/bag/dvd sellers, all copies you have to understand. So whilst in one section shopping, Michelle says, just hang onto your bags, this isn't the best of areas. Anyway we keep shopping and were waiting on the side of the road for Mr Jo,(our driver) to fetch us and Dorris says "All these people keep telling me to watch my bag, and i'm not feeling to safe!" Well Michelle and I cracked up laughing, like tears down your face kinda laughing! With that Michelle proceeds to explain to Dorris, that they keep saying "you want watch or bag" and with that, some little Chinese man comes running up after hearing us mention the word watch, saying "you want watch / bag" and Michelles like "NO, we don't want watch / bag!!" It was hysterical!
At the show we were hungry and I was brave enough to order a ham/cheese bagel (hope it was ham, but i'm doing ok sofar!) and mom was like, i'll be doing vegetarian and playing it safe, so had a salad wrap. I didn't mention yesterday that when we went to the fabric market to fetch our stuff, we left only after ordering more, 8 blouses for me and another 5 for mom.
Shanghai is really a concrete jungle, but i've been scouring the maps for tourist attractions and gardens, so hopefully in the next week, there'll be more interesting pics to see.


linda andrew said...

oh trace - i loved the dorris moments...especially the watch/bag one - silly woman - hell i would of laughed myself into an asthmatic attack if i was there.... hey i want to see your new hair cut?????

Michelle Ramsay said...

Ha ha, I love the "Doris" moments, my kind of humour.