Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shanghai Photos

When we went to the fabric market, these guys were sitting outside, furs look like tiger, but i didn't want to ask otherwise you get harrased to buy (very sad!)
Michelle took us into the Carrefour, which is equivalent to Pick 'n Pay - well kinda, except that the deli is soooooo different. check out whats available, along with snakes and all kinds of other creepy crawlies. (u gotto click to enlarge these pics) I could get seriously thin in China with the "mystery" meats that are sold on the street corners. Took a photo of a lady cutting open a live turtles and the heart was still beating inside when she ripped out the inards (eeuw!)
Ok, so seriously, the fake market is an experience! Everybody sells copy stuff, and everyone looks out for everyone else. I wanted copy Levi's for James, "no problem" said in Chinese accent, and this little lady hauls out a stepladder, and climbs up into the roof of her little shop, next minute, down she comes again with jeans in hand. The same applies to watches etc. The guyI bought our watches from, has normal watches in his drawers, and when you ask for copy, all these secret compartments are revealed, and drawers with no handles are opened with big magnets!!

I had my hair cut this afternoon, actually turned out quite nicely i think. Also i found out that a chinese hair strand is triangular where as western hair is round. So the guy that cut my hair was trained overseas, and has a salon here for all the expats so they can have their hair cut. Cost R250
Something else I learnt today, you can't buy bread here, the chinese don't eat bread. So there are a couple of specialised places, and starbucks where you can buy bread, but just about 8 slices in a packet. When i asked Michelle why don't you bake your own, her answer was she would, but you can't find flour, and when you do, it flies off the shelves of the western stores.
The reason for our visit, is the show which starts tomorrow, so looking forward to that. Also i've got a guy coming to see me from ningbo, which is about 4hours away, so looking forward to seeing his stuff!!
Well will try and post again, am leaving Michelles on 22nd, so hope i'm going to be able to get wireless connection at our hotel. xxxx


linda andrew said...

wow thanks for those awesome pics and sharing all the goings and way of life very very different hey!!! eeeuw i would also be skinny balinky loo lah and simply couldnt eat like they do. thrilled you having fun....keep us posted. missing you lots. linda

Lynette said...

I gather it is not wise to order something you cannot pronounce...LOL!