Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shanghai 25th

Today Mom and I went to go and collect our blouses from the fabric market. We decided to walk for a bit and kind of just see where the road took us. We stopped at a really tiny superette, to see if we could pick up anything edible! See attached photo for the most exciting things we could find that we recognised. I’m still not sure however what flavour pot noodles we bought! I needed to do a payment into the China Agricultural Bank - oh what a job that was!!!! When we walked in, and asked the lady at the reception if she spoke English, if was as if something major had just happened. Everybody started scurrying around and we were showed to just wait. Anyway a young guy came out who helped us. Can you believe that you need identification to do a deposit into someones account. We were’nt walking around with our passports, so the guy that helped paid with his bank card, and i gave him the cash money. Eish the problems we’ve faced. We came back to our hotel room to drop off our parcels, and then headed to the Shanghai Museum, filled with ceramics, bronze sculptures, ancient seals, old calligraphy. When i say old, i mean dating back to 500’s and up to late 20th century. We also saw all the different traditional costumes from the various cultural regions of China. From the Museum, we made out way to People’s Square which was just across the way. Both Mom and I were starving, apart from eating a packet of Lays chips, we hadn’t eaten since our McDonalds the previous day at lunchtime. Well after 1/2 hour driving around in a taxi when i saw those golden arches, and shouted “tincture” (well thats what it sounds like) & it worked, the taxi driver hit the breaks, so i know it means STOP! We hailed out the cab, and i made the girl at the counter right the street address down, (and explaining what i wanted was also hard work!) So now thats going to be our bible for getting food, there was a KFC and coffee shop nearby. From there, we went to wait for a cab, where i had a run in with 3 Chinese girls who tried to take my cab away from me after we’d been waiting for 5 mins, and they had just pushed in. I tuned them “don’t try and take on a fat chic from Africa” and wedged myself between the people climbing out the cab and the door so that my mom could get in - hows the cheek, thats obviously the way they do it here. They didn’t understand a word I said, but I said to my mom, I figured if I had told them to FO, they probably would’ve understood that, I think its pretty international!!

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Tracy said...

Hi Tracy

Sounds like you are having a "jol" - when you get back you'll be able to trade pretty well with our local indians since you've had so much practice over there. By the way, I also think they would've known what you were saying if you told them to FO but I kind of like the "fat chick from Africa" thing - had a little giggle over this ....

Love, Tracy G