Friday, September 26, 2008

Shanghai 26th

Today we met with one of our potential suppliers, they met us at the hotel, and then we all went back to their offices. They then invited us to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. I ate my entire meal with chopsticks, so feeling quite pleased with myself!! After lunch we caught a taxi back to the hotel, and then decided to try and find the eye glasses market again that we had been to with Paul and Michelle. Nobody knew where the place was from the receipt we had, so i phoned Mr Jo and he explained to the driver how to get there. Mom was desperate to get dark glasses with her prescription, but it was going to take a week to make them, so she's very sad at not being able to get any. I however got a cute pink Prada pair, amazing how you find things you like when you're not needing anything.

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linda andrew said...

how lovely - why dont you get your friend to post them back to your mom???? glad you had a nice lunch - you look so well and rested soon