Sunday, October 12, 2008

You gotta love this weather

What a beautiful weekend, i enjoyed the last 2 hours of sunshine today with the girls at the pool, (i've spent the rest of the weekend working, pathetic i know) I've had the 2 school mags artwork for a week now, and haven't even put the cd's into my computer! Hopefully after the October kit is packed and posted tomoro I'll be able to get stuck into them.....
Ok so this would be a boring post if I told you all about work, so i'll say bye for now, and post again when i've got somethin interesting to tell y'all!


Michelle Ramsay said...

The weather can only be like this in Africa - on ef the joys of living here.

Happy working - I know the feeling!! he he

linda andrew said...

oh yippeeeeeeee trace managed to do a post - a little short one but beggars cant be choosers. thanks doll - shame man that you working so blinking hard - AS USUAL - just close your eyes and think of the money - missing you - we have to have a conference skype chat catch up with the bratz thingy soon soon again.