Friday, October 03, 2008

The trip home

It took us just over 31hrs from the time we left our hotel, to the time we walked in the front door in Hillcrest. My cocix 4 days later is still sore. We managed to get all the way from Shanghai - Dubai - Johannesburg - Durban about 20kgs overweight without paying penalties.... what a blessing as it was R1020 per kg, so we would have left everything behind in the airport. Its good to be home, but oh my gosh have i got a lot of work to get through this month, gulp, gonna be burning the midnight oil daily. Spent Wednesday unpacking and sorting out, Thursday in the Pavilion trying to find Samantha a birthday present as its her 6th birthday on Saturday, and spent today going through over 260 emails (about 40 of which were asking me if i'd like to enlarge my penis!! - Seriously gotto get a spam filter if anyone knows of one for a mac please let me know)
I managed to get DSTV connected yesterday, but as its rained all day, the tv has been on Disney continuously. OK, so after posting regularly overseas, didn't want you to think i'd died on the way back. it was good however, because in order for me to say goodnight to my family on skype everynight, i had to stay awake until 11/12pm so they were all at home, so it gave me a good opportunity to catch up on my blog, and sort out ALL the photos i'd taken each day.

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Amanda B said...

Hi Tracy,
I have now read all your blogs from july to now! Whew! How different your life is since I last saw you! Please fill me in on what it is exactly that you do with scrapbooking. Your daughters look beautiful and I can't wait to meet them next year.
Gotta go - it's too late here!
Amanda xx