Thursday, November 20, 2008

What I know for sure this week ending 21 November 2008

  1. I'm not moving out of my house, at least until february so i can put up my Christmas Tree
  2. Image file no 473.jpg has turned me grey by bombing my mac out continuously, apart from the fact it took me 3 hours to find out which image was causing the problem!
  3. My life is too hectic
  4. My friend Venessa took over as class mom for Grade R and has done a sterling job. I now only have to worry about Grade 4
  5. There are officially only 34 days till Christmas, and I have no idea what I'm buying anyone
  6. I'm missing my bratz
  7. I'm missing our social scrapbooking sessions
  8. I haven't scrapbooked since the Jhb Convention and haven't completed any of my layouts
  9. On the upside however, i'll be shutting down my 1 business for nearly 2 months
  10. I've complained about where I'm living due to my ghastly neighbours, but am very thankful for the lifestyle we live and that we have a lovely house to enjoy.
  11. What will be, will be & I refuse to stress about the things I have no control over...


Andrea said...

We miss you too Trac, but so lovely to be able to keep up with your life again through the blog....I know things get hectic gf but try and keep it up - it is so lovely to know your thoughts and I can just hear your voice as i read them.

linda andrew said...

nice post trace - well done - such a release to pen it down and share it all, in a funny way it actually helps one reflect on stuff when writing it. missing you lots too

Cathy said...

Good luck with your list.... I sympathise about the Christmas shopping... still doing birthdays here so haven't got that far!

Beryldene said...

ooh've joined our "what I know for sure this week"... . Glad you're back in the land of BLOG!...even if I do see you in the flesh!