Monday, November 24, 2008

This post is especially for Andrea

Ok, two things I just have to share with you.
  1. Hows this devine cabinet I found for Scrapkits. 25 drawers to store each months notes, embellishment extras etc - just LOVE IT, an old store cupboard that used to house mens hankies and ties etc.
  2. Hows this shot!! Absolute flook - reminded me of us trying to get photos of the horses at Summerveld with Kim. Her face is pin sharp and everything else is blurred (we won't tell anyone I'm still not sure how I got it :)


Andrea said...

oh oh oh....sigh....LOVE that cupboard gf, it is going to make life SO much easier!

WD on the photo of Paige, reminds me of the one I got of phil skateboarding, absolute flook, but hell you feel good about it lol.

Miss you madly!


Cathy said...

Nice cabinet tracey.... tell where you got it... I'm on the hunt for some new stuff.

That photo is awesome... ice skating ones are soooooooo difficult to take so getting one like that is brilliant!

linda andrew said...

well done trace - awesome photo. i would kill for that cabinet - storage space is a huge huge thang here and you simply battle to find solid wooden pieces of furniture.....

Andrea said...

i have given u a best blogging buddy award - check out me blog