Sunday, December 07, 2008

Mamma Mia the DVD

I have now seen Mama Mia 8 times (twice at movies) and 6 times since I bought it the day the DVD was released, and have enjoyed it each time. My best scene, is when Donna reveals to her gf's that all 3 of the possible dads are in her old goat house and they start singing dancing queen and Meryl Streep starts jumping on her bed. OMG, everytime I see that, I think, "I wish that was me" she just looks as free as a bird with no worries, and I just love that. (I'd be too worried about breaking the bed!) The scene ends with them all jumping off the jetty and into the water - JUST LOVE IT! The one scene though that gets me everytime, is when mother and daughter are getting ready for the wedding, (sniff) - it hits home hard, every time... maybe its just relating to working so hard to make ends meat, and not stopping to enjoy every minute I have with our children who grow up far too fast. The thought of both my girls getting married just makes me want to cry, (soppy i know she says wiping a tear...)
I eventually relented to let my girls watch the movie and they have also loved it, and we now have two more abba-maniacs in the house. There are a couple of scenes in the movie that aren't really that appropriate, and whilst i'd like to think that they don't know whats going on, Paige definately doesn't miss a beat - Sam on the other hand is too little to pick up on the "gay" & dialogue that is grown up. I really related to Donna's character in the movie, but I'm left with an empty feeling inside, that those kind of happy endings only happen in the movies. But it makes me sad to see that I'm 37 and feel that I haven't lived my life to the full. Time to do some real soul searching me thinks, maybe I need to save up to visit Greece, and Aphrodite!


linda andrew said...

oh trace - sadly it is just that - a movie girlfriend...a fantastic one at that - i also can watch it over and over - even cayne sings along to the songs and seems to be a coverted abba fan now - not that it took much - he is such a GIRLFRIEND
missing you lots and lots

Michelle Ramsay said...

I have to get my hands on that DVD. I just love the movie and could also relate to certain scenes. I was signing away during the movie (as were the people next to me!!).

You will find a "happy ending". It is waiting for the right moment to reveal itself to you.

Beryldene said...

Trace gf... life DOES have happy endings, but need to make some spiritual connections and get in tune with LIFE, and have some down time and time to ponder on the meaning of it all!

But don't foget in the process that you have been a fantastic single...and have given your girls a life many others don't enjoy, even having married parents, so pat yourself on the back gf, give gratitude for that, and then take stock and have a new game plan going forward, but don't see the past as wasted...learn from it instead...

Andrea said...

Hey Trace, I soooo loved the movie to and need to get my hands on a copy of the dvd....I let megs watch it at the movies with me and although some of the content is a bit adult it isn't really indecent in anyway so am sure it is fine for kids. Must be totally honest, I am enjoying this forced homemakerhood as it were, and am loving taking time to spend with my kids and make some awesome memories. It is NEVER to late and as B said you have already given them the very best of yourself.

luv ya