Sunday, August 02, 2009


Well on the 30th July (sorry I'm a bit behind!) my big girl turned 11 - eish, where have the years gone. Her two bff's Sabrina and Hannah slept over on Friday night and were due to go home at 10 on Saturday morning, but they were having too much fun, so begged me to phone their moms to ask if they could go home after lunch. Much time was spent surf-skating outside teaching Sabrina how to join in. It was nice to see them enjoying their time outside in the fresh air.
(L-R: Paige, Sabrina, Hannah, Samantha)
My how they've all grown! :0)


Michelle Ramsay said...

Always good times with best friends. Hope Paige had a wonderful day - at least the weather held off for her.

linda andrew said...

oh my breasts !!!! they have grown so much. stop feeding them. ha ha ha

S said...

looks like your having lodz of fun!
miss you guyz so so so so so so much