Thursday, August 20, 2009

I finally have a new car...

...and what a beauty she is, Ironically {and it wasn't planned} I got her a year to the day that my car was stolen. She has already been packed to the hilt with Scrapkits, and had all 7 seats filled up with children on a school outing to the Durban Harbour. My insurance broker made me laugh when she prepared me for my new monthly premium. She said "Tracy please understand, you've been driving skadonks for the last 10 years!" LOL

Well all I can say is hardwork does pay off, so for those of you with goals, persevere when the going gets tough!


linda andrew said...

awesome - yippeeee thrilled for you my friend - wow what a beauty and so spacious and practical for you and your business etc - enjoy it all you so deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Ramsay said...

You always have to have a goal! well done on your new car - may you have many happy kilometres in it.

Andrea said...

Looks gorgeous Trace...another step on the rung that pink slk lol.
Well done on all you have achieved!