Saturday, September 19, 2009

Last birdie update i think!

I thought some of you might want to know what was happening with my two little fledglines which are not Robins, but Familiar Chats {thanks to Beryl & Jennifer Rogers}
Unfortuantely whilst they were learning to fly, the smaller of the 2 flew into our next door neighbours garden, and was devoured in one mouthful by their bull terrier, in front of my girls and the twins who were all devasted :(
Cheese however was fine, and survived a night outside in the rain (because I couldn't find him when i got home after movies - saw The Proposal, a must see!)
Last night I found him in the dark with my torch, and kinda thought it might be the last night with us, as his flying was really getting better. A couple of times during our craft day, i went out to his regular spot in my garden, but he's gone. I'm hoping he was able to fly back up to the nest in our roof to join the other babies!


linda andrew said...

poor little bird - life is so cruel at times! wonderfull experience and well worth the risk of heart ache i am sure

Beryldene said...

now we just need something bigger to take down the dog, who ate the bird..sorry GF..i just love little tweeties...

Thanks for the craft day..shew..a lotta laughs and a lotta fun!

Andrea said...

eish hard on the kids gf, but a good life lesson. That craft day is one I wish I had been there for :o( but am sure you all had an absolute blast!