Monday, September 21, 2009

To crochet, or not to crochet?

What a question? After seeing these pics on etsy {sorry i didn't think to save the link to who made them, but i searched for crochet in the handmade section} How cute is this Hello Kitty beanie and scarf, and as for the cupcakes... I'm smitten.
I'm going to have to find me some time to learn how to do this!


linda andrew said...

ooooh that looks stunning - i love the cupcakes - so so so worth trying to do trace - keep us posted if you ever get the time

Carol B said...

I've also got the crochet-bug lately, but struggle to find thread in my area. I am now using a very fine white bought from Checkers, and am dyeing them once completed.

Michelle Ramsay said...

Those are too cute. You will have to find the time to try them.

Anonymous said...

So Nice to see there are still ladies who practice this age old hobby, glad I'm not the only one who still crochets, knits, sews and does embroidery.
Julie Scheepers