Saturday, April 17, 2010

The handy calender

A couple of weeks ago Paige asked me how many days there were in April, and without thinking, I did the hand knuckle count whilst she stood staring at me and I looked up and said "30" and she's like "mom, what did you just do?" I can't remember which school teacher taught us, and I can't remember when, but what I can remember is that I've been figuring out the number of days in a month on my knuckles ever since. I then proceeded to show her how it worked.
I've decided to try and make a concerted effort to get back into blogging {as you can see by the amount posted in the last 3 days!} and happened to find this vintage illustration that I wanted to share with you.
How many of you also use the handy calender?


Zoe Waters said...

hi Tracey

i've also used the knuckle calendar as far back as i can remember - is there even another way!!

love your new papers and i must tell you the last lot sold like hot cakes......

glad your back into blogging. hope your doing well

love Zoe

Cathy said...

Never used this method to remember the days. My mom taught me a poem and I think she got it from her mom.... goes like this

30 days has September
April June and November
All the rest have 31
excepting February alone
which has 28 days clear
and 29 on each leap year.

Have fun blogging again.