Friday, April 23, 2010


Well today I'm being totally self-indulgent, I figure I've got a good excuse, today I celebrate my 39th birthday. My phone has been going non stop all morning and I've already met some of my wonderful friends for breakfast and after I fetch the girls from school, I'll be doing a late lunch/tea with family. Lots of pressies and flowers already {i could do this once a month...seriously and it would be easy lol!} Tonight I think a quiet night at home with my girls, pizza and movies seem like a good option. With the nip in the air today, we can snuggle up on our big sofa together under a quilt, hmm I'm liking the sound of that already. 

For some reason I've got the urge to pick up paint and a paintbrush (it normally happens about every 8/9months) There's something about getting paint on my hands that is so therapeutic for me. Although my work is essentially all about creativity, gone are the days of having paints and inks on my desk and having to use them everyday to do illustrations. Nowadays it's all about the computer and everything is done digitally, or for me at least, and when I do want my paints, I've got to haul them out of my cupboard.

Over the last 9 days I've designed my next range of papers (available 1st week May, and I signed them off at the printers yesterday - yummy!) So seeing as they're not ready yet for me to work with this weekend, I've decided I'm going to do a bit of re-inventing of existing stuff at home. A fresh lick of paint here, new photo in a photo frame there kind of thing.
Budget = R0 so I'll have to let my head do some creative thinking of another kind. Maybe I'll do some before and after photos and post them for you to see. 
I was brought up knowing that painting wood was TABOO, and its taken me rather a long time (did I mention I'm 39) to get over that whole painting issue, and I think this weekend I'm going to tackle my coffee table. The only problem, is that my coffee table is actually an old SARS desk that I bought, and chopped the legs down to coffee table height and its a monster and weighs a flippin ton and I have no idea how I'm going to move it? 


Cathy said...

Happy birthday to you Tracy.. hope you have an AMAZING day. Your creative weekend sounds very intriguing too.

I'm with you on the taboo of painting wood... my dad would have a fit! but hey... I say, go for it! Maybe you could just paint it right where it is without moving it... just cover the floor and surrounds very well to prevent paint splashes!

linda andrew said...

no go for it paint wood - why not? its still wood just a diff colour and tecknique - goodness me think of all the other things artists have done thats even more taboo - go for it trace!!!! you know you want to .............