Friday, April 23, 2010


Ok seriously, remember in my previous post I said my budget to do some DIY this weekend was R0?
Well I visited Builders Express and see additional photo of my till slip....
How the hell did that happen, and I haven't even started the work yet?   Eish!!
Oh well, I left with a smile and was so excited about getting my hands dirty I've already made a start.
{PS: the duck egg blue paint I already had}

One of my dear friends Lauriana Glenny was with me in my garage one day, and she noticed these little white framed fruit/veggie pics that were there and which have been kinda hanging around for 3 years since I took them down from my kitchen in my old house. She's like "hey I painted those" how's that for a co-incidence. Well I've decided its time for them to have a face lift, but unfortunately Laurie's prints are coming out (sorry gf) but they'll be saved to be used another day!
No guesses what colour I'm changing my kitchen to. I've been searching since November 2009 for Duck Egg blue dishclothes, and artificial/plastic bird eggs to put in an arrangement. If anyone knows where I can find either of these, please leave a post for me. ta


linda andrew said...

i am also in love with the colour DUCK EGG and have it everywhere in my loune....well done on the Decorating GF, i adore what you did to the baskets and you given me an idea - do i simply paint or must i do something to the basket first????? cant believe the price of paints and goodies....crazy money. Have fun and dont forget to show us all your hard work, missing you lots, linda

Tracy Schimper said...

Hello my darling friend!
Well I'm not sure how its going to last, I think the paint might crack eventually on the wicker, but hell for the time being and effect why not just paint it and see what happens!! Only problem is the only dishclothes I've got that kind of match are the ones you sent me, I've been looking for duck egg blue dishclothes since November last year, and nothing!! So when all else fails, by a litre of paint, and paint alles!! :*