Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My little 'bat'ty tale

Every year end, we have an 'it's a wrap party' at my friend Beryldene's house, where a whole group of girlfriends get together to wrap our Christmas pressies and make merry!

This year just before leaving, I was walking in the driveway and saw this tiny, and I mean tiny bat lying on the driveway. I picked it up, not knowing at first what it was. Anyhoo, I'm always a sucker for animals, so I phoned a bat rescue organisation (yes, there really is one!) and asked what they suggested I do. The lady said to heat up a wheat pillow in the microwave if I had one, to put the bat onto an elevated platform at about dusk and then to watch from a safe distance to see if the mother would come. Well when I left to go to my party I did as I was told, however it was raining quite hard at the time, so I figured the chances of the mother returning were pretty slim. After being away for about and hour and a half, Paige phoned me to say the bat was still on the pillow (which was now sopping) and there was no sign of the mother. I tried to explain to her, that it was as good as dead anyway if it didn't return to its mother but her gentle little heart wouldn't hear of it. So inside the bat was left for me to attend to when I got home. I arrived back at about 11pm and when I saw it on the pillow I thought it was dead, but after stroking its back, it lifted its head and started squeaking. Just goes to show, all babies just sleep and eat :)
So I figured, well if its squeaking, maybe that bat sonar would attract the mother. I felt like an absolute twit standing in the middle of the driveway, trying to tune into the world of sonar and was stroking the bat in the direction of all the trees around us when all of a sudden there was a flapping around my head, and sure as nuts the mother landed in MY HAND! It was the most remarkable experience, and I feel so priviledged to have witnessed it. I could hear the baby suckling and I very slowly walked towards one of the garage lights so that I could get a better look at what was happening. The mother opened her wings which fully open, only spanned across the width of my hand and flew off with her baby attached to her belly - now how remarkable was that. I wanted to wake up the whole household to share my story, but had to wait for the morning. A TRULY AMAZING EXPERIENCE!
{click on the photos to enlarge!)

(excuse the 'i've just been painting' finger!)


Michelle Ramsay said...

Oh wow, that was certainly an amazing experience and what a cute little bat. That is the closest I have ever seen one.

Beryldene said...

Hey AMAZING was that experience???

New beginnings much exciting stuff happening - no one more eserving than you GF....says the bat:-))

linda andrew said...

oh wow thats incredible stuff -

Andrea said...

Only you Trace.....but what a magical perfect moment....well done on being the caring person you are xxx

Amanda B said...

WOW Trace! How incredible! What a beautiful experience for you!