Monday, April 18, 2011

A bit of doodling :)

A friend of mine Jude from colourgiggles introduced me to Stephanie Ackerman's Homegrown site.  I was instantly inspired, her work is so out of my comfort zone and I was dying to try it out. Over the weekend we had craft club, and I tackled a piece of masonite and the resulting picture is what I made. I had no plan, just to play, and get all messy with paint and paper - absolute bliss! I now want to do some canvases for my youngest daughters room I just need to decide what to do, Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

I loooove your piece from Saturday, and can't wait to doodle some more. I'll even bring back your modge podge that you left behind so you can get stuck into the next project.

I say you do a bunch of flowers in a row, perhaps with some bunting and some nice words thrown in as well!

Was a wonderful day to get the creative juices going again and fingers messy and full of paint and clue. Delicious

Cathy said...

I also love Stefanie's stuff... but it is sooooo not me..... well done on tackling something new... you did an amazing job.