Thursday, April 07, 2011

Printers Tray Project

This morning I met some friends at the Kloof SPCA for a picnic so that the kids could get outdoors, play and get rid of some energy. The charity shops were open, and we wondered through, always on the look out to re-purpose something! A while ago I bought a printers tray for Samantha to display all her My Little Pony characters in, but the little divisions were too small (thats now going to become another project all together). Today I found another one, and could see that it was going to be large enough to house them all. The following pictures show the process. Sam was my keen little helper and helped me paint it white, she then chose some Art from the Heart paper, and I cut up 4 sheets to make the background and we added the shelves back in and VOILA, she's so chuffed at how it turned out, and so am I. R50 well spent. (the slatted table pictured also an SPCA purchase today R35, going to give it a fresh coat of paint, and it will be added to our camping stash. Thanks Venessa for the heads up on the table, I never even saw it!

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Andrea said...

looks BRILLIANT...what a lovely way to spend the hols xxx