Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where does the time go?

Well for a start my big girl finished her exams yesterday.  I personally did not partake in them and wait anxiously to see the results, my brain however was fixated on them constantly! I'm still not sure how we got to this point, I must have blinked a couple of times too many me thinks too have a child in grade 7!

I have been nesting in my home good and proper, doing what makes me happy - painting furniture, & creating whatever takes my fancy. I bought my very first crochet pattern off etsy Busy Moms Designs 

How cute is this. Now I have to confess I have made it, however..... mine came out very big, I'm not sure what happened. (wrong size hook/wool?)  BUT, the fact that my mother was crying so much when I walked through to show her with it on my head hasn't dampened my spirits to give it another bash. I'm waiting for our next highway knit/crochet club meeting to ask the experts what i did wrong before I attempt to shrink it in my tumble drier :)

I've been really battling lately with wanting to play....
No not on a jungle gym or anything like that, play with the things that make me happy, when I'm creating. So my business coach (& friend) has got me working on making lists of everything I need to achieve each week in my businesses. The idea being that the quicker I get these tasks done, the quicker I can get to play. Feast your eyes on some of this yumminess, seriously, doesn't it make you want to just drop what you're doing and hall out all your crafting stash?
Definately a make for Sam's room

Loooove this idea

I've already bought the buttons to try this.

{I apologise to the authors of these pics, i've taken the images off pinterest and have no idea where they came from. Let me know the links if you have them so i can add. ta}

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