Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chilly Winter Weather :)

My birthday bottle of yumminess from my gf's
My bottle now in the kitchen holding homemade rusks
For my birthday, all the girls from our coffee club contributed towards filling up a big glass bottle with personal notes attached to something 'crafty'. It was all beautifully co-ordinated by Beryldene who gave them strict instructions to make sure that their colour scheme fell within my love of duck egg blue.
The top pic shows all the creativeness of my friends in action and all the bits and pieces have been packed away into their relative storage spaces. The glass bottle had a bright red lid which was given to me separately. This morning I sprayed the lid black, and filled it with our homemade rusks and it is now displayed on my kitchen counter. 
With the chilly weather we're experiencing, all I want to do is cook... nice hearty soups, casseroles, bake etc. So early this morning I hauled out my crock pot and loaded it with meat and veg and it is now sending the most yummy smells through our house. It has freed me up to play for the rest of the day, and by dinner, our casserole will be ready to dish with very little effort required - just perfect!!

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