Thursday, June 02, 2011

Oh em gee, I've been having a creative blast!

I've decided my middle name should have been Magpie!
For as long as I can remember, I've been happy scrounging in thrift & Pawn Shops. I've given myself a challenge to resist buying new and with that in mind, I'm back to thrifting.
My eldest daughter is turning 13 in July, and when we moved into our new house in November I promised that I would decorate her bedroom for her in her chosen colours, black, white, grey & pink.

Well the month of July is going to be really busy, so I've decided to make a headstart. When the builders were busy, I told them I just wanted a light fitting with a globe in our ceilings until I knew how I wanted to decorate each room. I visited the SPCA yesterday and found this beauty for R100 R20 - SERIOUSLY!  Today I picked up this gorgeous black floral trim (R40/m) and I glued it to the base of the shade, once that was dry I glued some pink bling into the flower centres & voila a shade I reckon looks a lot more expensive than R60 - {makes me so happy - I saved more than I spent!}

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