Saturday, October 22, 2011

Free Smurf Party Printables

Hi Friends,
With the all the hype about the new revival of Smurfs, my 9 year old daughter Samantha wanted to have a Smurfday Party. I set about looking for ideas and must say I didn't find too many, so I decided that I'd share with you some of the things we did.
It was relatively easy to find things in turquoise blue and red to use as decor, and possibly the greatest hit of the day was the Smurf Juice (Plain old lemonade with a couple of drops of food colouring!) I made 2 beer box cakes and added red food colouring to one, and blue to the other. For the Toadstool, and put some cake mixture into a small glass mixing bowl and bake it in the oven. I had to cut a bit of it off to create the top of the toadstool and balanced it on a cupcake. It was a bit top heavy, so I used a kebab stick to keep it in place and stuck a marshmallow on the top.
I've included the printables I made for the cupcake toppers for free download. I also created little Smores bags header cards which were stapled onto a bag containing Maries and Marshmallows. We did Boerie rolls so the kids could make their own smores around the braai.
We had the party at Springside Nature Reserve and the kids had a blast playing in the stream and the weather was glorious!


Pumpy said...

Very clever, our kids do put us to the test!!!!! you did a treat job here. xxxx Pam Knowles aka Pumpy.

Cathy said...

Such a clever idea... thanks for sharing your goodies with us too.

Anonymous said...

wow very nice ,, thx for the ideas

Anonymous said...

very fabulous! just wished to print your smurfy smokes and was wondering whether or not you have blank ones?? Just so i could put the kids names on them for back to school book stickers!!!! cheers shyrelle

Anonymous said...

If I may ask where did u get the blue spatletta?

Penelope's Mom said...

Do you happen to have the labels in Word so I can add my daughters name to it? Your Party is adorable!! Loved it.