Saturday, November 23, 2013

Limited Edition - Baby Layout

Over the years I've had so many requests for baby layouts, however because our subscribers are at different stages in their lives it's been the kind of layout that wouldn't suit everyone. The other thing of course is that I try and keep the monthly layouts as generic as possible so how do you choose whether to do pink or blue! It's just tricky.
SO with that in mind I've decided that from time to time I'll do a limited edition kit that won't form part of the normal subscription. These layouts will be available to anyone who wants to purchase them in the same format as Scrapkits layouts, however they will be more exclusive and I will only make up a limited number and when they're finished that's it!

This double page layout is R230 (incl P&P) & if you'd like to pre-order yours (either pink or blue) please email

I'm currently still working on the double page layout but here is a little sneak peek :)
{This layout would look gorgeous in a double frame in a nursery!}

A work in progress :)

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