Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shanghai 27th

Well we spent today on Nanjing Road, which is the main shopping street in Shanghai, a thriving metropolis which contains large department stores with international brands like rolex, tiffany, dunhill etc, aswell as local stores. A lot of the buildings are Neo-classical, but i'm amazed at the strong contrasts between the buildings because they can be flanked by old buildings that are bearly still standing. One of the buildings was called Pearl City and so we decided to go in and have a look. I chose a string of pearls for one of my friends, and a clasp for one of my friends, and asked the girl how long it would take to string them. She told me 5mins and we could wait... Well i couldn't believe the speed at which she knotted the string of pearls, and we left 5mins later as she had promised. We found another McDonalds and whilst having lunch I said to my mom, "I wonder if we offer to pay them, if they'll teach me how they knot the pearls?" So after lunch we did exactly that, and guess what.. I know now how they do it, whether or "knot" I'll still be able to remember when I get back to SA is questionable, but I'm certainly going to try. We stayed in Nanjing Road until dark to see how the street transformed itself when all the shops lights came on, a really pretty sight, and then made our way back to our hotel. Only 2 more days till we fly home. YAY

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