Friday, December 26, 2008

Ho Ho Ho....

Well Christmas has come and gone, and all the preparation for cooking and shopping, pressie wrapping etc is over. After my mom and I had spent the 24th cooking up a storm, we elected to order in pizza for dinner on Christmas eve, and Sam thought that Santa might prefer a beer and slice of pizza instead of the regular cookies and milk as his snack... As you can well imagine, "Santa" was very chuffed with his treat this year.
Gosh, I just can't imagine how Christmas is going to be when our girls get bigger. The thrill of waking up to see whats been left under the tree by Santa, well lets just say the feeling is tangible, and all the grown ups sit and watch with grins. We let the girls unwrap one present on Christmas eve, and then when they woke up on Christmas morning, they got stuck in to opening their presents from Santa. We then headed off to Church for the early morning service, we left home at 6:45am. After Church we came back to my moms, and Gaggy was then with us, and we proceeded to open up all our presents. James and the girls bought me some more trollbeads for my bracelet ( and my dear mother bought me a new electronic bathroom scale that measures weight and BMI which right now I'm too scared to climb onto, but will do on 2nd January...(sigh)...

My eldest daughter loved her new digital camera, and I'm really hoping that with her taking pictures it is going to add a new dimension to my scrapbooking. Sammy loved her new my little ponies, and played for hours with them.

We spent the day at the Rowells house with Mike & Cheryl and the girls, and now today, everyone is coming to my house, including the Schimpers and we're going to eat all the leftovers from Christmas Day. Nigel is also arriving from the UK today, and James is going to fetch him from the airport at 10:30am and surprise everyone at the house with his arrival, as the kids don't know he's arriving. Its 2 years since he was last in SA, so going to be great to catch up with him again.

Well I'll post some pictures when I have a chance, am not at home so can't upload them.
Lots of love to everyone, hope that you all had a lovely day spent with family and friends. XOXOXO


Jan and Miekie said...

I enjoyed your blog. Hope you get a bit of rest after all the excitement, but you still sound pretty busy.

Andrea said...

Hey Trace, know this was always going to be a very hard one for you but it sounds like it was full of love and family and that is wonderful! I am afraid I went awol this christmas as it was just too hard to be in contact with South Africa when we are so far away...I will be back in touch tomorrow and will hopefully touch base then. I miss you all very much and can't wait to see your photos.